Open Concept Kitchen

Have you ever struggled finding the perfect covering for your window? You know, as in doesn't block out the glorious sunshine when you need it, functions perfectly for when you do want privacy, but looks beautifully finished at all times? Well that was me...I struggled to find just the thing, perfectly dressed windows that fit all of my needs.

I could stand and cook dinner for our family at the stove and reach over and change the clothes from the washer to the dryer.

Let me take you back just a bit.  When we bought our 1898 home, our kitchen was the one thing that had been messed with...and not in a good way.  It wasn't original to the home and it had some major space and function issues.  I could stand and cook dinner for our family at the stove and reach over and change the clothes from the washer to the dryer.  Yes, you're reading this correctly.  The laundry room was added to the kitchen.  To make matters worse, it was a tiny room to begin with so to add anything to the kitchen just didn't make sense.

Not only was the kitchen small, it was originally a back porch so the floor had a five inch slope to it.  If anything dropped on the floor and had a round edge, it rolled until it stopped at the wall. It was not something that went unnoticed! It drove me nuts.  But, when we bought the home, we knew our plan was to add an addition that included a new kitchen so our pain would be short lived.


Beautiful natural light.

Bold color and patterns.

Which brings me back to the original question of trying to dress our windows perfectly.  After the addition was built and our new kitchen and dining area was in place, I absolutely loved it!  Natural light streamed in abundantly and the space was incredible.  So much so, that I didn't know how to tie it all together and sometimes felt as if I had too much space.  Imagine that! 

Balance is key to an open concept with bold color.

I knew I needed a way to tie the large, open concept kitchen and dining spaces together and the best way to do it was with a balance of color, pattern, and negative space.  Don't be afraid to use negative space, it gives the eye a chance to reset. Balance is key in an open concept with bold color.  The room is balanced because the color and pattern are located in equal parts of the open space and not overdone.


Color is balanced.

I took the color from the walls, found a fun pattern that had a neutral background, and used that pattern in key areas.  Those areas were the sliding glass door and kitchen windows since they were opposite of one another in this space. I left the windows around the dining area as the place where I used negative space.  In addition, the vibrant color on the dining room walls beckoned for a more neutral window. 

This space in my home is now my favorite place to be.  It's open, roomy,  full of color and personality, and uniquely ours. We love it and spend most of our time here.  Isn't that just what a kitchen should feel like? It's the hub of our home and bursting with personality, family and friends, food to enjoy, and stories to share! 

Amy Schreck