Our move is over and we’re already in our new location at 217 East First Street in Maryville Missouri but I wanted to show you how we got there. It was a very busy 8 weeks of deconstruction, construction and creativity!

I already owned this commercial garage but it housed Wally (my teardrop camper) and boxes of tools and things I didn’t have room to store in my two bedroom duplex. One night I’m sorting through boxes and thinking to myself “it’s too bad I pay taxes on a building that I have no income from”. Then I picked up a tape measure and realized that this garage was the exact same square footage as my current location. Then my brain wouldn’t shut off! I was measuring and drawing and designing and calling every contractor I knew who could possibly help me make this happen quickly.

Why move? As a business owner, I’m always looking for ways to cut expenses. The corner of 1st and Main was a great corner but the building I leased was not efficient. My gas bills were larger than my rent. The windows leaked with a hard rain. The parking was really difficult for customers to use and my delivery drivers cringed every time they stopped because it was such a busy corner and we didn’t have a loading dock. The Main Street location was great for visibility and showing off what we had in our store. I took a lot of pride making sure our corner was pretty and something people driving by would enjoy looking at.

This wasn’t a rash decision. I ran numbers and looked at reports. I realized that less than 10% of our sales were from walk in traffic. The majority of my customers are scheduling appointments for flooring, window treatments, interior styling or coming to see me because of something specific like Benjamin Moore paint and they would some where ever I would be. It became very clear to me that this move would not hurt business. It would actually save A LOT of money and give me an opportunity to create a showroom that truly worked for what I was offering.

A lot of people really came through for me and helped make this happen in a very short eight weeks. Jeff James and Billy Whittaker made the electrical happen. Dylan Hurst made the interior happen. Ryan Hackett made sure the building had plumbing. Kent Yount and Stephanie Campbell helped make the front of the store no longer look like a garage. Tom Gilliand made sure the exterior and interior paint was complete. Jeff Calphon installed my vinyl floors. My brother, Mike Wolbert, helped me deconstruct which is always fun! Jim Wiederholt, the city code enforcement officer, was wonderful to work with! And what did I do? Holy Cow! I did a lot of everything including not sleeping as much I usually did. There were some late nights and early mornings. But…it got done!

The move itself was perfect! The Northwest Missouri State University football players and basketball players saved the day with their strength. We went from a pile of boxes to the same pile of boxes but in a brand new location!

What a transformation! I couldn’t be happier with the way the location looks and feels for myself and my customers. And…I live in the duplex next to my new store. Makes for a sweet commute to the office!

Sonja Wolbert